Auction 16 update
If you purchased a year-long postcard subscription (back in Auction 16), the first postcards have gone out. Let me know if you haven't received the first one in the next week or so.

Also, if you're interested in purchasing a year-long postcard subscription service, donate and leave a comment/private message me. Still way too much travel planned over the next year.

Signal boosting for xany
Fenris IH8U
A fellow City of Heroes Player and all around good guy xany is asking for help for his friend. You can read the post at his LJ or copied verbatim below:

CALL TO ARMS! -- Please Help My Friend!!!

Hi everyone,

I know it's been forever since I've posted, and a ton has happened that I'd like to talk about, but this is extremely important. Given how long it's been since I've posted here, it should be obvious that I'm trying to spread the word as far as I can, so please take a moment and read the following entry.


A very good friend of mine, donwaughesq, is in need of a new liver. His wife recently passed away suddenly, and he is in dire need.

I could go into details, but I think this write-up from his charity's web site says it all, really:
long story - cut for lengthCollapse )

I will repeat that THIS IS NOT A HOAX! I am not mindlessly forwarding this, I am writing it myself (aside from the quoted bits). No Nigerian Princes want your money, nor will your luck increase by taking action. You will not receive any small blue pills, nor will your love life be improved by making a donation. However, you will be helping one of the best people I know get a new start on life.

And that's worth a whole lot more.

Don's charity's website is

Please give what you can, spread the word, and help Don help himself.

Thank you for your time. It is very much appreciated.

Auction #28 Michigan Goodie box
[dollhouse]: my muse and adelle are drin
So I'm offering up a box of local goodies from my home state of Michigan, which will, depending on your bid,  entail a variety of things.

 I can build a box depending on your interests in the following: sweet or savory foodstuff, postcards, random trinkets, soap, beer glasses, soda pop in retro glass bottles, cat toys, weird art things,  whatever you want. I can also do straight up surprise boxes, which will be (you guessed it) a surprise. If someone bids $40 or over, a Detroit-centric T shirt in your size will be included.

I cannot ship outside of the US, but anywhere in continental US is fine.

Bids start at $15. This auction will close May 31.

Sidenote: I would just like to say, as a writer with touch and go grammar skills, I wholly recommend if you write anything, to look into
[info]denelian 's offer to beta. I swear on a Websters dictionary, you cannot find a better beta if you tried. 

Auction #27: aloe vera plants
I have gorgeous, indestructible[*] aloe plants. A few months ago I yanked some out of their pots, wrapped the roots in plastic, flew a few states away, and gave them to a friend who forgot them for a few days. I just saw those same plants last week, and they looked just as healthy as when I pulled them up.

Would you like an aloe plant? mine have always grown well and provided more than enough aloe for lotion and sunburns, and summer's coming up soon! The aloe plants are pretty, stand up well to abuse, and I've never had any problem with mine.

Suggested save_liz donations: $5-10 for a 1"-4" tall aloe, $10-20 for a 4"-6" tall aloe.
(I'm comfortable shipping something small, but the larger ones tend to not pack as well). If you want something even larger, we can discuss it, especially if you're in the Boston area.

Continental US shipping only, no pots, just a really happy, well-wrapped plant.

Auction closes June 15 or when I run out of plants, whichever comes first. Leave a comment with donation amount and desired plant quantity/size.

[*] Unless your cat bats them off the windowsill every time you leave the room. The plants do tend to have trouble bouncing back after the sixth or so instance of that.

Auction to take this cat
Fenris IH8U
I have to get rid of one of my cats, Neko. He's too needy and causing me a lot of stress and I just can't cope anymore. He's a talker and sweet, but I wouldn't take him if you have other cats or kids since he seems to need all the attention you can give and then some.

He's a 3 year old orange tabby, male, neutered. I'm in Chicago, IL but I don't have a car or a way to get him to anyone outside the Chicago area. Serious inquiries only. At this point, I'm almost willing to pay someone to take him. Make a bid and I'll pay Liz if someone will just take this cat.

Someone local has taken him off my hands. thank you

Signal Boosting for samuraiko
Fenris IH8U
Help SamuraiKo move to Seattle! SamuraiKo is an awesome City of Heroes videographer, fan and wonderful person. She and her hubby have decided to go West! and they could use a hand. If you can't chip-in, please pass on this link? If SamuraiKo has ever brough a smile to your face with her CoH vids or other work, spare a few bucks wouldya?

Major Major problems...
hi, everyone.

i am now going to beg people to signal boost, ask your friends to signal boost, ask *their* friends, etc

the *very* short version: my meds will be due on the 26. it is the 18th. and it takes 3 days to transfer funds from paypal to bank account. and my meds, almost definately, will be about $400. which is BETTER than the $600 they were LAST month [seriously, made me CRY at the pharmacy, have a nervous breakdown sort of cry.

and that much again in June - after which, if the Gods are smiling and Fate doesn't decide to send me back to the practical jokes department, i should be qualified for Medi-whatever the hell it is when you've been applying for SSI/SSDI for 3 damned years. *crosses fingers*

so, in THEORY, this is the last hurrah, as it were. if i can get through these last two months [and DAMN YOU new pain med doc, for giving me EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE MEDS - DAMN YOU for giving me meds i am extremely intolerant of, and saying i can either take them and PROVE there's a problem or i can be considered "non-compliant" and kicked out of the practice... but, now that i CAN prove it, it should be the slightly-cheaper-no-hallucinations-and-no-BP-of-180/150[it's down to 140/110 - but BEFORE this shit this month? my BP was generally about 110/80!!!] only $393 a month, instead of the $619 a month.]

please, please - spread the word. see if other people might have auctions? and etc.

ALSO: it is *STILL* perfectly ok [and strongly encouraged] for people to post OTHER people's needs. it makes me feel just a tiny bit better, to know that this comm isn't *just* helping me, but helping other people too.

Auction #25 - Another Internet Meme!
Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom...

Own an Internet meme! I have crocheted a stuffed badger, snake, and two mushrooms. The badger, including tail, is approximately 9" long, and made of wool yarn. The snake is about 14" long, made of green wool yarn. The mushrooms are a mixture of wool and cotton - one with a white top and purple stem, and one with a green top and white stem. All are stuffed with polyester fiberfill. All 4 together weigh a total of 105 grams.

Pictures are behind the cut.Collapse )
Bidding starts at $10 for the set, and will end at midnight Pacific time on Saturday, 22 May 2010.

so, the point of this whole things is for things to be auctioned off.

i do have ONE thing i can offer. [it's ok for me to offer my own services for an auction to help me, right?]

i can EDIT. you might also know it as "beta". in short, you can send me a manuscript, and i will edit it. i will correct spelling and grammar mistakes. i will offer alternate wording suggestions for sentences that may be clunky. if it's an academic MS i will check citations for you, and if you are needing help expanding [say there was a 4 page paper, and now it needs to be 10 pages] i can help you figure out what and how to do so [i will NOT write it, i will just help you figure out what you need to add, etc]. if it's fiction, of any sort, i will beta, edit, and offer suggestions about when more info is needed [this is a common fanfic problem - some people don't know EVERYTHING and sometimes more info is NEEDED].

what i will NOT do: i will not ever say "i hate". i probably won't say "i love". what *I* -think- isn't the important part. the IMPORTANT part is to get the editing done :)

in general, i think about $1 per thousand words? that's approximate - 1,800 words will cost the same as 2,100 words, probably. i think this is a fair price?

it's not an auction per se - it's more of an extension of services :)

New auction for save_liz
8-pointed Star
I'm putting up a pair of hand-knit fingerless mittens made from Taos 100% wool yarn. They are soft and comfortable and should fit any woman who has small to medium-small hands. Winner to pay shipping (and insurance, if requested).

Click here to see the itemCollapse )

ETA: Auction will close at midnight (Eastern) on May 15th.


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