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Hi there!

This comm was created to run an LJ auction to help my friend Liz (denelian) pay for medical insurance, medications, and treatments. The story is here.

To post an item you are donating for the auction, please create a post to this comm. Include a description of the item, a picture if possible, and a starting bid. If you include a picture, please put it behind a cut tag. Auctions should run for no more than thirty days. Please number the auctions sequentially.

Bidding should be in the comments for each item post, and in a single thread. That way, earlier bidders will be notified if they are out-bid.

Once the auction for an item has ended, the person with the winning bid should send payment via PayPal, and contact the item donor to forward a copy of the PayPal receipt and to arrange shipping of the item. (Item donors should also contact the winning bidder, as well.) Payment for items should go to PayPal, to denelian at yahoo dot com. Please be sure to make it as 'personal' and 'gift'.

If you're new to LJ auctions, please take a look at save_dave or con_or_bust to see how they are run.

If you are able to help and do not want to participate in the auction, you can donate here: